Worth Taking

When I was a youngster, my elementary school took us on monthly trips to the local skating rink. My parents always gave me extra money to buy snacks and I always promised, “Today, I am going to take the brakes off and skate!”. I would be so full of motivation until I saw myself falling and heard my bones breaking. Not even, seeing my peers swoosh around, laughing and having fun was enough for me…

The reward of skating to me, wasn’t worth the risks involved with skating. Any and everyone could think of one thing, that to them personally, the risks of that item/activity is not worth the reward.

Satan likes to play on our appraisals of risks and rewards. As humans, our default survival mechanism is to protect ourselves, minimize danger and maximize success. Surrendering control and trusting in a spiritual being (God), who we have never seen violates those survival mechanisms.

Life is all about risks, some will be worth it and others won’t. The risk of skating for the reward of feeling the wind in your hair is debatable, but the risk of relying on God for an abundant life is nonnegotiable.

Even to old age and gray hairs, God remains faithful to us, Isaiah 46:4. The real risk taken was by Jesus, on us.

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