There are two “wills” in life. 1) your’s, including what you think is best and how you perceive you future. 2) God’s, including what He knows is best and how he designed your future. Sometimes, those two wills can coexist peacefully and other times, they can’t. The balance is being able to discern and cope when your will doesn’t work out…

Often, we exhaust ourselves by chasing synthetic gemstones, when God has precious jewels for us. Whatever jewel you may be, know that you are the rarest and most exquisite variety…Jesus didn’t die for invaluables!

So, when it is my will to use stress-inducing dynamite to make mountains move in life and God has different ideas, I can be sure that His will involves oversight. Even though I don’t see the masterpiece of my life quite yet, I know that soon I’ll look back and say, “Thanks God for orchestrating my steps better than I ever could, now I see!”

I pray that you will have daily revelations of how God is moving on your behalf!

Until Sunday,

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