When the Waters Run

When I loose sight of Jesus, I fall into a fast-moving river. Yet God’s Word is a damn that keeps me forever steady.

Last night, I had a dream where I was suspended in fast-moving waters, that were literally running! Despite my best efforts to stay afloat, trying to swim, grabbing onto branches and holding my breath, I was still drowning. God was like, “This is you when you attempt to do things outside of me, even with good intentions.”

I think when we try to “assist” God by going over and above our powers, that is where the balance of productive handwork and futile toiling is lost. Yet, it is so amazing that God will gently remind me us of our boundaries. We have just 31 days left before 2020 arrives and the time to begin preparing for a new year is now, in the 30 days that we have in 2019!

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