What Others Won’t Do

Last night, I had a provocative dream. I was in a high end restaurant that appeared to have been teleported from the 1800s. I couldn’t find the bathroom and ended running into a frail looking female, W. She ended up falling in the middle of the restaurant but nobody made a move to help her or call for medics . It was as if the two of us didn’t exist because instead of arriving in a luxury car, I had opted for a motorcycle and W, looked like the type of woman who had a rough life and then faced people blaming her for it. Since, no one else was moving and W desperately needed medical attention, I picked her up and carried her myself, heels, dress, lipstick, weak upper body strength and all. At first it was hard and I could barely move, but as I pushed forward and told myself, “I can’t fail!”, I felt a supernatural strength from God take over me. It seemed like forever but I finally got W to the hospital, where doctors begin treating her. They were doubtful that she would survive and told me that I was crazy to break my back for someone who obviously wasn’t worth anything. Until she opened her eyes.

God speaks in many ways, but through our dreams is one of my favorites. You never know when you are going to lay down one night and experience Him inserting himself into your circadian rhythm that he set himself.

This dream is symbolic to me in a lot of things. However, the biggest thing I want to point out is idea of doing what others won’t. If asked, “Would you do xyz, in an xyz situation?”, you would passionately respond, “Yes!”, but when the time came would you follow through? What would your friends think? What about your status and reputation? What about your own inner feelings of incapableness? Dream Me figured that her friends weren’t friends anyway if they wouldn’t help a human being. She concluded that her appearance would not comfort her if she did nothing and let the woman die on those granite floors. And while carrying W, Dream Me had to reconcile her abilities not with the lies of her flesh but with the truths of her spirit.

I have slightest idea of how this might relate to your life right now (if any at all), but there comes a time when we all have to make a decision to either do what others will do or to do what others won’t.

Remember the crowd is simply that, hoards of followers, all smoke and mirrors, with no sense of direction, blowing wherever the next trend takes them. True power is in the one or two, who set themselves apart from the masses, orienting themselves with direction from God, following wherever God takes them.

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