What Goes Up, Must Come Down

We have all heard the saying that what goes up, must down and what goes around will in time come back around. We normally apply to it life and how we treat others. But what about prayer?

On typical mornings, I like to talk to God and set the tone for my day. When He and I have one on one time, then not only am I at peace, but so is everything else around me. Although I normally pray for others, this past Friday I prayed specifically for all my brothers and sisters in Christ:

God send messages of hope and love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ who are fighting the good fight. I pray that those messages will intercept their day and bring a smile to their face.

I did not think much of my prayer until I was leaving school for the day and attempting to merge off a busy ramp. Sometimes I have a clean break and can merge with ease, while other times I have to wait. However, on this particular Friday at 2:00 pm, a lady stopped in the middle of the road and let me out. My first reaction was to quickly wave a “thank you” and get out of her way. But after a few moments I realized that what I sent up to heaven in prayer, had come back down to me in action. The very same messages of love that I prayed for others, came right back to me.

God not only addresses the needs of those being prayed for, but also sees the needs of Prayers. I could have been asking God to help me with my upcoming Math quiz or Biology presentation, but instead I chose to get me off my mind. There are great rewards and satisfaction in the silencing of self, and the awakening of others.

Have an amazing week and AD will see you on Thursday for the next post. Oh, and don’t forget to vote. It does not matter who you vote for, so long as you remember that our lives are in God’s, not a political party’s hands.

Until Thursday,


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