We can all agree that life sometimes can be stressful. It’s like bouncing from one thing to another and never getting a break. Fighting figurative fires is hard work and exhausting!

We’ve all been fire fighters this year in some capacity, trying to stay contained and sane. As I reflect on life and those defining moments of my faith, it is the challenging and peculiar times such as these that have been most influential. It’s being brought through something that seemed impossible, emotionally, financially, and/or physically. It’s looking back at the past from a present vantage point and knowing that, Romans 8:28 is true and everything did work out for your good.

The news stories haven’t changed. It’s the same types of stories just with different people and updating dates. Essentially, the news is cyclic and redundant. Yet, we are not stagnant individuals but dynamic, staying sharp in wisdom, anchored by faith, clothed in love and walking in praise. We cannot become everything that God desires for us or practice vigilance, if the media is our sole source of information. Most of what the media reports is bad news and hopelessness but God is a much, much better channel to tune into. There is an abundance of good news and hopefulness!

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