“By making the hard, brown hills sparkle with streams of fresh water and causing valleys to come alive with springs. I will see that gentle pools wait on the desert floor for the weary traveler, and great fountains bubble up from dry ground”

Isaiah 41:18 VOICE

Anybody else feeling a little like a weary traveler? If so, you are not alone and are in good company!

When we go through the valley of the shadow of death, God acts as our guide and comforter. When our journey finds us in the hottest deserts, God springs up streams from dry land. When we are thrust into the abyss, we float and do not drown.

I told someone this today, “No matter what is going on…things will get better and you’re only human!” All storms have an expiration date; challenging times will not last forever. However, as Believers we know that we are foreigners in a foreign, only traveling through. We do not wait until situations change to be happy or have joy because we have a promise in Jesus. He bore sickness, sin, inequities and the trials of life on the cross, even life itself cannot bind us!

Keep praying and hang tight to your faith. Stay encouraged and be of good cheer. Do not be misled, 2020 is still a blessed year! <3

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