Thought Thermostat

My Mom and I had a conversation about how the mental energy within a person can either propel them to or distract them from their goals.

I think of it as a a “thought thermostat” where we must actively be aware of the atmosphere that our minds are in. If our homes are cold, we bump up the heat. If our homes are hot, we bump up the air. How well we monitor our thought thermostats (and act accordingly) will be directly related to the thoughts that we entertain about ourselves and our overall outlook on life.

Thermostats are designed to keep room temperatures constant, promoting a sense of equilibrium. Our thought thermostats are no different. However, we have to be aware of three things as we strive to keep balance in our lives: 1) faith, 2) fear and 3) foolishness.

Faith: I trust God to supply for all my needs.

Fear: I doubt that God will meet my needs.

Irrationality: I do not work because God will meet my needs.

Fear and irrationality disturb our thought thermostats, because they are thoughts of extreme scenarios that are not included in the Bible. God always keeps His promises and blesses the works, not the folding of our hands.

Cheers to springing forward and adjusting our thought thermostats (as needed)!

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