There’s a Grace…

Theres a Grace....jpg

Pop quiz time! Choose one of the following answers to finish the statement:

There’s a grace…

a) for perfect people

b) for certain situations

c) for any and everything

d) for everyone but you

ding ding…it’s C!

God’s Grace extends to everyone and every aspect of life, especially you.

Grace reminds me of camouflage, another one of God’s creations that science still doesn’t have a coherent explanation for. Butterflies and chameleons have the astonishing ability to imitate their surroundings, hence allowing them to avoid predation.

Supernatural powers from Heaven enable us to rise above the occasion, completing the undoable and unthinkable. It is by grace’s influence only, that I can can begin to reason as to how I weathered the storms and fires of life, successfully and without the smell of mildew or smoke!

I imagine that over the years, animals and insects with camouflaging capabilities have developed a repository of concealment methods based on their environments. Much like, the refinement of grace in our lives as we journey through challenging events.

“You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.”- Psalm 119:114 MSG
Embrace the grace that was created to favor and help you in all of life’s various places!

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