There is Still Life

Finally, the explanation behind those dead flower petals is here!

Flowers they are purchased for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, and sometimes, just for no reason at all, besides to make someone’s day.

Nothing and nobody else can stand as proud and bright as freshly cut flowers with a vivid hue. However, as the 24th of February arrives, those once tall and vibrant hued roses, are already withering and shrinking by the day. Eventually those roses, which were once the subject of love and compassion, will be thrown away like a candy wrapper, without a second thought. Flowers while blooming are useful, but deemed useless as the aesthetic appeal wanes. In the picture above my brother brought flowers for my mother, but after a few weeks they were no longer the lively, pretty colored flowers he purchased. As soon as the flowers began to wither, my dad began making arrangements to replace the dead flowers with new ones. I asked him to wait, as I felt like they could be used for something.

Life can often look like a dead withered flower, as careers, college, or children don’t pan out, and we see ourselves as failures, with dim futures. But, there is still life, in any and every situation, just like the flowers that once lit up the kitchen, but were now facing the dumpster. And so I noticed the fallen dead flowers petals, and decided to use those petals to spell the words life, joy, peace and many others. To me this signified that even though our lives and personal situations may be lacking, or lackluster, in appearance, God can still use us.

So, the next time you feel like a dead flower headed to the landfill, remember that you still have LIFE IN YOU, and that is purpose enough.




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  1. LaTonya says:

    This is such a powerful, life giving analogy. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    1. And thank you for reading! Have a great night.

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