The Unfavored Child

Life is not easy, but living a Christian life is definitely not easy! I believe God knew that before He created us and that is why He gives us fresh grace every morning, in order to defeat our biggest adversary…Satan.

Let’s be real! The devil hates us…like really despises us. We represent the very thing he was before he wanted to become like God and was thrown out of heaven. He wishes he had second, third, fourth, and fifth chances to repent and be forgiven. He envies the love that God lavishes on us.

Imagine a father who has two children, in which he loves one child, over the other. The favored child could become prodigal, come back, go prodigal and come back again, but the father’s love and support of that child never wanes. However, the unfavored child can barely miss their curfew before the father is barking down their neck. Obviously, it wouldn’t take long for the unfavored child to become jealousy and want to seek revenge, hence Cain and Abel.

God is our heavenly Father and we are His favored children. Satan, thanks to his own actions robbed himself of favor with God, and thus falls into the unfavored category.

Hate stems from jealousy and jealousy stems from envy. The devil hates us, because he is envious of the relationship we have with God and the grace that God bestows upon us every morning. Satan will never have a chance to obtain favor with God, so he attacks the people that have everything he never will…you and me.

So the next time Satan taunts you with lies or fear, tell him, “I’m God’s favorite child! He never stops loving me!” And I promise Satan will flee quickly…

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