The Message Maker


Happy 6 month anniversary to Anomalous Darlings! I have to give God all the credit for making AD what it is today. As a messenger I am only as good as the message I carry and the receivers of that message. In other words, I am only as good as you, the recipients, and the message(s) that God give me.

In the early stages of AD, I was constantly worried about what my next post was going to be or if it would be “good enough”. I was stressing and constantly toiling, until God showed me that He is the star of AD’s show and that it is His responsibility to see me and AD through! That affirmation from Him took the pressure off of me, in which I don’t have to do anything but listen to what He tells me.

There is grace and provision to do any and all things that God has called you to do! He will never lead and leave you. We live to serve and not be served, Mark 10:45, in which we are God’s servants. Servants always have two things: 1) an order and 2) the necessary materials to fulfill that order. When God calls us to do something, all we have to is listen and act. Everything we need will be provided!

God is awesome, Jesus is awesome and you are…awesome! So blessed to have amazing people in my life…thanks for 6 months and the many, many more to come!

God has many messages to tell you…are you prepared to listen?


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