The Matcher

The Matcher

I have always found those business ads promising to ‘price match’ their competitors’ prices, to be fascinating. It seems like a lofty promise, until you read the fine print. ‘Price matching’ is only applicable up to a certain dollar amount. Which means that your local grocery will not be selling filet mignons for a dollar, just because a bargain store down the street received an overstock!

How often do you feel lacking in one (or even more than one) facet of life? Whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally, socially, academically, physically or any of the other -llys. That sense of lack is like a hole in one’s heart that can often dull a person’s outlook on life. As you operate on a 52% capacity, you call out for someone…anyone to meet and match you.

Ring, ring and look who answers your summons?! God, himself, the Creator and Fulfiller of all aspects of life. He comes in like only he can to patch the brokenhearted hole, left by hurting people who don’t know the true definition of love, Psalm 34:18. He swoops in just in time, to rejuvenate the weakenedhearted hole that has resulted from daily trials and tribulations, Isaiah 40:29. He hastens to orchestrate a choir of angels, accompanied by Jesus to serenade you in truth, as an antidote to the constant infiltration of lies from Satan, Zephaniah 3:17.

Whatever holes that have been created by people, life and this world, God fills. And He fills them perfectly, with no fine print, flaws and future flukes. Don’t drown in a sea of deficiency, when the door of abundancy is just a prayer away…

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