The King’s Heart

“It’s as easy for God to steer a king’s heart for his purposes as it is for him to direct the course of a stream.”- Proverbs 21:1 TPT

The King’s Heart

The king’s heart

Rests in Your Hand

—both just & unjust kings

Must yield to You

As his Creator,

Touching the king’s heart

Is a simple task


You know all thoughts


You discern all motives


You see all actions

Beyond the king’s heart

In his kingdom

Streams flow

To & from

Through & within

In & over them

You reign too.

Sending violent currents away

Bringing peaceful currents in

Interweaving refreshment though out

Infiltrating the people’s lives

For favor flows forever…

To & from

Through & within

Territories & streams

Of the king’s heart

Who rests in Your Hand

Isn’t it amazing how both, the king’s heart (living) and the streams (non-living) are in complete submission to God’s Hand?! When I read this verse, I felt it gave me a glimpse of how expansive God’s power is, to do anything and everything from steering hearts to conducting water!

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