The King & The Peasant

The King & The Peasant

I absolutely love to read and write…like that isn’t apparent already! Anyway, I have always had a fascination with Shakespeare and historical fiction novels, as I am learning about past eras and being entertained at the same time.

Yesterday, I was talking to God and He said, “The Peasant cannot make The King do anything he doesn’t want to.” I didn’t quite understand at the moment, but as the day went on, and I continued to maul over it…it clicked.

Who is The King?

We are! When God sent Jesus to the cross, we were adopted into His royal family. And since God is sovereign, we ultimately are the rulers of our own lives. God only moves when asked by us. He doesn’t force anybody to do anything…if He did, everyone would be saved and friendly!

Who is The Peasant?

Satan. Peasants have low economic statuses, and at best, a teeny tiny voice in government. They have no “buying power” to demand that The King pass or not pass a law. Peasants are powerless to do anything themselves, but powerful to do things through others. As the father of lies, John 8:44, he is the ultimate liar and master manipulator.

The King & The Peasant

The King is drafting a new trade agreement for his kingdom and surrounding kingdoms, in which most of the working class will benefit. However, a peasant gets wind of this, and realizes that his seedy business dealings will be negatively effected by this new agreement. So what does he do? He starts a massive rebellion (built solely on lies) within the kingdom. The King is irritated by the uprising, and shifts his attention away from the new trade agreement.

Mission accomplished for the peasant…

That poor peasant, didn’t force The King to halt the trade agreement, he just inadvertently deterred his attention by exploiting his fellow residents.

You are The King (or Queen) of your life. Don’t let peasants, puppets of the devil, distract you from ruling your life in truth, peace and trust in God. The peasant’s only tool is your mind…don’t grant him access!

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  1. This is a very good reminder! It’s true that we sometimes forget that Satan is low compared to who we are in God’s kingdom. God bless you 🙂

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