The Heat of Life

Imagine you are running a marathon. It is 100 degrees outside and the sun is slowly baking you alive. You already know that you will win the race, because of a promise you have, but in this moment victory cannot quench your thirst.

This life we live is just like a marathon race in 100-degree weather. We must push through obstacles and never give up despite all of the devil’s fiery attacks on our lives.

A month from yesterday was October 19. Six days after officially launching Anomalous Darlings, in which there were a lot of people demanding this and that, topped with people who were just difficult to get along with. I was allowing the fire of stress to consume me and I didn’t even realize it! But, the God impressed this upon my heart:

When you are feeling the heat of life, remember that I AM living waters.

To me it is unfathomable, how God sends messages to us through our spirits when we get still and listen.

Yes, we know we know we win. Yes, we have a promise. Yes, we can trust God. But, all of that is pointless if we allow the devil’s schemes to dominate our lives. While waiting on God, we must drink of His word day and night, allowing the Bible to rejuvenate our spirits, when they become “burnt out”.

While we know we are going from blaze to breakthrough, we can’t just burn up in the process. We must continuously run to those living waters and be patient for our breakthrough, John 4:14.

Have a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving. Thanks for supporting AD, and there will be a new post on Thursday morning.


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