The Final Editor

The Final Editor

When it comes to reading books, I have no self-control! But, being addicted to books is probably one of the most beneficial addictions out there…

A book touches many hands and sees many eyes, before it reaches libraries and ebook shelves. For starters, you have the author and maybe a co-author depending on the story. Then you have advisers and mentors that give feedback along the way. And last but not least, you have the final editor, who checks for fluency, grammar and overall story completion. With all the hands involved in the actual making of a book (excluding other steps that must also be taken), it is highly likely that even the finished product of a book, looks a little different than what the author originally had in mind!

Life is much like writing a book. Books have chapters and pages. Life has years and days. To a degree we hold the cursor for our lives. We can make decisions and choices that alter God’s original path for us. We may look back over life and ask the all too familiar question, “How did I get here?” The answer to that question looks different for everybody!

I consider God and myself to be co-authors on my life’s story. Not because we are equal, but because God actually cares about what I desire to have out of my life. He also wants the absolute best for me, and even though He knows what that entails without me telling Him, I believe He still likes to hear it! And of course, The Holy Spirit and Jesus are great mentors for me to emulate. However, God is still The Final Editor in my life’s story. Even if I desperately feel that something is pinnacle to my happiness, if God says no (for whatever reason), then it has to go. On the flip side, if I make a choice that alters my life, God can still work my mishap into His already remarkable vision for my life.

Life would be so much easier, if we had an explanation for everything that happened and alarm bells for what was to come. However, through all of Satan’s mayhem that tries to derail our life’s stories, God remains as the final authority. What God says always goes…always has…always will, Psalm 93:5 (MSG).

Living life knowing that God has the last word, frees us from trying to “figure it all out” and forces us to truly develop a relationship with Him. How can you trust God with your life’s story, if you don’t know Him?

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