The Appointed Time Week 6: Enduring Outcomes

The Appointed Time: When it’s God’s Will but Hasn’t Arrived Yet

Prioritizing God’s Timing ensures that our plans will be successful and bear results that are sustainable and enduring!

esther 9:26-27 amp

“Therefore they called these days Purim after the name Pur (lot). And because of all the instructions in this letter, and what they had faced in this regard and what had happened to them, 27 the Jews established and made it a custom for themselves and for their descendants and for all who joined them, so that they would not fail to celebrate these two days as it was written and at the appointed time annually.”

This series would not have been complete without talking about Esther! Her story is a testament to the critical importance of timing…

So, King Xerxes is looking for a new wife and queen, after the falling out with his wife, Queen Vashti (Esther 1). An ordinary, common woman named, Esther, is chosen out of hundreds of other women (Esther 2). Whilst Esther is settling into her new role as wife and Queen, Haman is promoted to a position of power by King Xerxes and demands that citizens bow to him; Esther’s cousin, Mordecai refuses and thus, Haman seeks to eradicate all Jews (Esther 3). Mordecai asks Esther to intervene by going before King Xerxes (Esther 4), which she does after fasting three days, inviting King Xerxes and Haman to a banquet (Esther 5). One night, while listening to a book of memorable deeds, King Xerxes is reminded of how Mordecai saved his life by reporting two people who were planning to kill him (Esther 6). At the banquet, Esther exposes Haman and his deceitful plans to King Xerxes; Haman is executed (Esther 7) and Mordecai takes his position (Esther 8). The Jews gain victory over their enemies and annihilate all of Haman’s family; the Festival of Purim is established (Esther 9).

Esther was at right place, at the right time to impact generations of people from her family and friends during her lifetime, to strangers that would live years after her death. The Festival of Purim, now simply called Purim, is still celebrated by Jews today (in February or March depending on the year) and speaks to the pervasive legacy that timing had in Esther’s story. Timing was powerful then and timing is powerful now.

When we walk in God’s Timing, we always get more than we asked for or could even expect as He sees the big picture, from a long-term perspective. Waiting is not only for receiving His Promises but also for positioning those promises to be long-lasting and enduring.

Next week, week 7 will be the end of The Appointed Time Series. My Editor is working on the next series, so we will see what He comes up with :).

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