Taking a Pause

Happy last days of November and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

When Jesus returned from the Jordan River, He was full of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit led Him away from the cities and towns and out into the desert. For 40 days, the Spirit led Him from place to place in the desert, and while there, the devil tempted Jesus. Jesus was fasting, eating nothing during this time, and at the end, He was terribly hungry. At that point, the devil came to Him.


Before Jesus performed any miracles, he took the time to buffet his Spirit and hear directly from God, undisturbed by outside influences. He knew that he was facing important tasks in the spiritual and physical realm and could not loose sight of that.

Preceding any massive growth or change, there are periods of concentrated energy. College students taking finals, pregnant women nesting, and people nearing retirement are just a few examples. During various seasons of our lives, we all hunker down and focus on what is up ahead.

Last week, I talked about the dreams I’ve been having, and how I felt that God was speaking to me. I have no new dreams to report on but I do know that the Holy Spirit is impressing something upon me. 2021 is a big year for me, as I navigate decisions about my future, post-undergrad and what life as an “adult” will look like for me (ah now, I feel old!).

With that in mind, Anomalous Darlings will be on pause until Sunday, January 03, 2021. I am also taking a break from social media as well. This is not a goodbye, but until 2021, as I take time to reflect, renew and refocus for what I believe will be my best year yet (and yours too)!

They say that they hardest climb is right before the best view. 2020 has been a rather interesting year. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, and every other -ally has been flipped upside down! But we made it and everyday, are still continuing to make it. I know that 2021 will be our beauty for ashes, our joy for mourning and our dancing for despair. I see glimpses of dawn peeping through the darkness. I see God reminding the world why He is God. I see us in places that we could have never dreamed of.

If you need a little AD in your life before 2021. there is plenty in the archives on this website. The archives go back to AD’s first posts in 2017, although some of the older posts may be missing photos (I’ll be working on updating those during the break!).

Have a safe and fun… Merry Christmas & New Year

Weekend Wellness Tip

Until 2021, with love<3,

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