Sunsets & Rises

“The sun rises and the sun sets, laboring to come up quickly to its place again and again.” Ecclesiastes 1:5 VOICE

You’ve probably noticed a reoccurring pattern, of posts starting with a scripture. Lately, I have known the unchanging words of God to be most comforting when my thoughts are scattered…

Laboring is hard work! I’ve never considered the idea of personifying the sun and accounting for its struggles. We can be rest assured that our darkest nights, both spiritually and literally will be overcome by our brightest days. Though, Plants wilt if the weather is too cold or too warm. Animals die if resources are scarce or tainted. People lie if situations seem inconvenient or advantageous. All around us, we are surrounded by creations that are subjected to and often succumb to the same challenges we face. Yet the sun doesn’t!

Rain or snow precipitation, it’s shining. Clear or foggy skies, it’s glowing. Freezing or sizzling temperatures, it’s dazzling. God created the sun symbol to be a symbol of His faithfulness to us. He neither slumbers nor sleeps, Psalm 121:4 when it concerns our well-being and loves us unconditionally. The sun sets, laying the earth down to sleep and rises, awakening the earth to a new day. Just as God blankets us in a sweet sleep, Proverbs 3:24 and begins our days with doses of fresh mercy, Lamentations 3:22-23.

Seeing that science still can’t agree on the age, origin or composition of the sun, I’ll take my chances with The One who made it!

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