Happy June and I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post on AD! Today is a very special day, as it marks 2 years since I purchased the domain: and started building the new AD website. Where has the time gone?

The last 2 years have definitely been a journey, especially last year and these past six months. Now more than ever, I can attest to how God is able to work on us as individuals and around us in our circumstances. In the going-through, it is uncomfortable and often seems like it well never end but we know that with Jesus, we already have the victory!

This reminds me of the Ark, Noah and his faithful dove in Genesis 8:6-12. Noah, his family and two of each animal all boarded an ark to seek protection from the flood that destroyed the earth and everyone on it. After almost a year on the ark, Noah opened a window and let out a raven, that flew back and forth surveying the earth. After seven days passed, Noah sent out a dove that returned to the ark after being unable to find dry land. Another seven days lapsed, Noah released the dove and the bird returned with an olive leaf, indicating that the water was receding. He let an additional seven days pass before he once again released the dove for the third and final time. The dove did not return.

Noah was incredibly patient and no doubt nervous as he waited to see when it would be safe to disembark the ark. It was probably less than ideal to be quarantined (for months) in a boat full of animals and his family, with no opportunities to leave. We can all relate to Noah and his time on the ark in the form of difficult seasons that seem to drone on and on. Yet, he did not act in haste or out of desperation. And as I contemplate Noah’s patience, I pray that God will comfort us so that we can wait for what we need and not rush into what we think we want.

Personifying the dove for a second, I think about how the dove felt, leaving the ark in search of dry land. Bird enthusiasts may counter that another bird, instead of the dove, such as an eagle, cardinal etc., would have been better-suited for the job. And that reminds me of how Satan will try to disqualify us when he realizes that he cannot discourage us. Nevertheless, the dove excelled at the job and by the third time, was ready to embark on a new journey, without Noah and the rest of the ark crew.

If we need guidance on how to be purposefully patient like Noah, God can help us. If we need a boost of confidence to know that we are limitless in our abilities, God is there. And if we need both patience and confidence, God provides whatever we need, whenever we need it, in abundant supply!

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