Sugar High, Sugar Low

This has probably been the most ‘ebby and flowy’ week of my life (no exaggeration)! There were some beautiful highs and of course some not so picturesque lows.

I suspect that I am not alone in this feeling. Turn on the T.V. and there are two tearjerker stories, tears of happiness for one and tears of sadness for another. Scroll through social media and there are two memes, one to make you laugh and another one to make you dispirited. Unfortunately, we are living in a world of artificial sweeteners that quickly dissipate upon contact.

Lately I’ve been thinking of Jesus like Goldilocks thought about her porridge…He’s ‘just right’, in every shape, form of fashion. We can try other means of coping, but they will always be ‘too hot’, ‘too cold’ and overall, unfulfilling.

I pray that you will embrace Jesus in the highest of highs and lowest of lows in life, because he is unaffiliated with the cares of this world and died so that you could be too…

Until Sunday,

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