Still See You

As I reflect on this year, I think back to January and February when COVID was an oversees problem, March and April when COVID was an international problem, May and June when racial and political tensions erupted and finally July, where the issues of the previous months have now collided with new issues such as reopening schools.

And as life has unfolded on TV and in the lives of people that I know, I have found myself transitioning from a place of feeling overwhelmed to being humble. I realize that God’s Grace is abound even in the unfortunate events that have happened because things could be substantially worse. What did happen is always better than what could have happened.

I still see You as the sun rises in the morning and sets at night. I still see You as the moon and stars shines bright. I still see You in the green foliage all around. I still see You in the the rain drops as they fall to the ground. I still see You when I look in the mirror as You remind me who I am, making the image clearer…

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