Somebody’s Watching

Somebody’s watching you…in a good way 😉

This week I was reminded of event that happened a few years ago (I can’t remember if I wrote about it on AD or not). I arrived back at my dorm room and noticed that someone had left my lipstick in the door’s caddy. Apparently, I had dropped at some point during the day and a nice stranger had returned it to me.

People may never tell you or reveal their identity but they are watching closely. Since Christ lives in us, we have a light from within that cannot be dimmed and it draws attention! It may be small, like holding the door for the person behind you or big, like being honest when you have everything to gain from lying. We are models of God’s Love for people of all walks of life. How amazing is it that God entrusted us with this honor?!

Titus, you have to set a good example for everyone. Go out of your way to do what is right, speak the truth with the weight and authority that come from an honest and pure life. No one can argue with that. Then your enemies will cower in shame because they have nothing bad to say against us.

Titus 2:7-8 VOICE

This verse is so true! When you live a life of honesty and truth, even those who do not like you cannot defame you.

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