Though birds are beautiful they can be quite annoying! From nesting in places they shouldn’t, to bestowing their feces upon our cars and homes, they seem to have the absolute worst timing ever. But, nothing can compare to the sweet sounds of chirping through the air or the sight of their brightly colored wings…

As the oldest of three, I have two little birdies in my life, who I wouldn’t trade the world for. However, they too, have horrible timing, like when I am at the climax of T.V. show or in the peak of a novel, and they come yelling, “It’s an emergency!” Which always seem to be some sort of emergency, that really isn’t an emergency at all, like Xbox and lemonade-making issues!

I’m saying all this to say, that there is a silver bow that nicely wraps up all the (what are to me) inconveniences. Seeing a genuine smile on my brother’s face, because for once, I’m showing sincere interest in his choice of leisure, instead of discounting it…is priceless. Hearing a squeal from sister, because for once, I’m actively participating in her ice pop making adventure…is indescribable.

I believe our earthly relationships are to a point, parallels to our relationship with God. I imagine God, with a huge grin on His face, when we enter His presence just to talk and commune with Him. Not with our hands out or our minds preoccupied, but genuinely interested in Him, as a Spirit, as oppose to Him, The Maker, Helper, Provider etc. The more I hang out with God, the more I get the sense that in many ways, Him and I, are not that much different, in the way we feel and view things. He’s just perfect and powerful, while I’m…not!

You probably despise people who only call or text, when they are in need of something…I know I do! So, why would we ever treat God with that same lack of significance?

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