Here on AD, we enjoy taking deep dives into topics, hence why Thursdays are dedicated to series post.

Below are links and short descriptions of current and previous series, featured on AD!

Inflorescence: a 26-week series on finding your “bloom” in Christ and seeing yourself as the ‘I Am’ says that you are!

Loneliness: a 5-week series looking at how Jesus sought out loneliness to deepen his relationship with God.

LOVE: a 13-week series learning about what love means, according to its Creator, God!

The Appointed Time: A deep dive into when it’s God Will but not His Timing.

Faith: Hoping & Longing is an 8-week series exploring what it means to have faith in one’s life, as both a word of action and passion.

Cleansing: a 9-week series about the 8 spirits listed in the Bible, plus one extra one! 🙂

Over & Over: a 7-week series on Ecclesiastes 1:9 about how nothing is new under the sun.

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