selective spiritual attention

Happy first Sunday in April…I cannot believe that next week is Easter and I also, cannot think of an Easter that I did not celebrate at Church!

Selective attention is the ability to focus on and process one stimulus despite being bombarded by other stimuli. We use selective attention in restaurants, where there is a lot of background noises, such as other patrons dining, staff taking orders and air blowing, yet we are still able to attend to people in our party and the waiter taking our order. Likewise in classroom/meeting sittings, we use selective attention to zero in on the important things that are being said and not the irrelevant whispers, the door opening/closing and pen/pencil movements. Selective attention is typically acquired by childhood and is retained throughout the lifespan.

My lifespan development professor would be proud of my explanation, haha! I think selective attention can also be applied to our spiritual life, in a term that I am coining, “selective spiritual attention”. Our spirits, like our attention must be judiciously monitored. Trying to attend to the extraneous whispers or the indecisive couple at the table across, never ends well. Likewise, not every situation that we encounter should be allowed to take up space in our spirits. Some things are beneficial and some things are not.

At any point in life, there is always a plethora of information to either attend to or not, and what we grant entrance into our lives will dictate the peace or peacelessness that we will have.

Praying and believing for the protection, health and peace for you and your family. Although we are living through a pandemic, we have the choice to either attend or not attend to it to the negativity and fear…

Weekend Wellness Tip

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