“You can’t run forever.” As a child, I always thought, “Of course, the body cannot sustain running forever. It must have time to rest and recuperate.” Now as an adult, I understand that the mind cannot sustain running forever. It needs the spirit for rejuvenation.

My February has been packed and I literally have been running from one commitment to another. Physically, it is exhausting but after a night of sleep, I am refreshed and ready to do it again. Our bodies reset and repair themselves autonomously, without our involvement. Yet, our minds do not. They are in our control and we have to consciously take actions to renew them.

I run till the task is done
Does “done” even exist?

I run till the fires end
Is there even an “end”?

On earth, I do not believe “done” exists or that an “end” can ever be reached. There will always be something that we are working towards or perfecting, this is the human experience. However, in the spiritual realm, the ransom for freedom is paid and “done, and the “end” is Heaven.

We can trust God to grace us in this journey of never-ending quests and have peace that the things in life that actually matter ―like where our souls will rest for eternity― are already finished and taken care of!

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