I think we should live life in constant reflection, not just during the New Year season. Evaluating the past can be a wonderful thing! I am positive that you have more successes than failures…

When I have a dream/extensive conversation with God, I always write it down and file under the month and year in my flash drive. Today, I was looking for something that God had spoken to me a few years ago, but I couldn’t remember when! So I went through, starting with 2016 and worked my way up. I found myself reliving special moments that I had previously shared with God and remembering how good He has been to me!

The conversation that I looking for occurred in June 2017 and ironically, is more applicable to me now, than it was then. As I ponder it, I am amazed at two things: 1) how God knew that two years would pass before I would circle back around to what He had told me and 2) how my spirit remembered something that I had not consciously thought of in years.

I learn something new everyday but God is the only One who leaves me in awe.

If you do not already, I would encourage you to start a folder on a flash drive or notebook to record your encounters with God.

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