One of my worst habits? Thinking that I can “redo” past conversations and choices by replaying them, over and over again. Spoiler alert…it doesn’t work 😉 Everyday we make mistakes in some shape, form or fashion. Yet from those mishaps, we have two paths to forge.

Path #1: REGRET
–rehearsal of errors; guilty feeling

Path #2: RECTIFY

–setting of goals; happy feelings

If you woke up tomorrow and was the perfect person with the perfect life, then what would be your purpose for living or needing God? How could you help others when perfection just fell in your lap? Yes, Adam messed up things up. Yes, we would much rather be living in the Garden of Eden. However, we also gained a special opportunity to witness God’s perfection in live action…through ourselves!

It may not be the story we would’ve written, but there are always plot twists and interesting events along the way…

Until Sunday,

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