This past weekend, my beloved orchid of three months, finally surrendered its blooms and entered a resting period. Although I was sad to throw away the-now lifeless blossoms, I knew that she would bloom again in next year. I always amazed by how perennial flowers die, lie dormant all winter and then burst out of the ground during the springtime!

In John 15, Jesus talks about how God is The Gardener, he is The Vine and we are The Branches. God is constantly revealing and pruning the ‘weeds’ in our lives, that drain our energy. In life, as we seek to act, love and look like God, we are regularly undergoing the process of dying and reawakening.

The ability to ‘die’ and rise again, better than before, is testament to inner strength and determination! As a healthy, living man, Jesus wasn’t much help to us, concerning our salvation. Yet, as a resurrected man, he was the antidote for sin, supplying us with grace and mercy!

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