I love how there is no shortage of ways that God can reveal things to us! Whether that be in a dream, during conversation with Him or even indirectly through another person.

Last night, I had a dream about the word, “resent”. A supernatural figure was walking me through my life and unveiling places where I have resentment in. In essence, the resentment was coming from the negative messages and thoughts that I had allowed to be re-sent throughout my spirit!

Forgiving is one thing, but stopping yourself from “refeeling” the hurt is something entirely different. It takes replacing those thoughts and bad memories with new ones. Picking up a hobby or book is a wonderful way to create new neural pathways, smothering out the toxic ones!

Don’t relive the trauma…Let the wounds heal…Then quickly move on…

Until Thursday,

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  1. Great post! Letting go of thinking about the past is something I’m working on. Like you said we don’t need to “refeel” the hurt. Thanks!

    1. Dawn, you are definitely not alone, I am working on it too! Thanks for supporting AD <3.

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