Rain on My Parade

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Yesterday, I experienced both my highest and lowest moments…all within one day!

The high was getting an A+ on a Math exam, as I have had an interesting relationship with math ever since algebra entered and geometry left. When I first saw my score, I was utter shock and thanks, because I knew that God was definitely with me on that exam. SELAH!

The low came later on in the evening, when I began going through my Anomalous Darlings’ folder on my flash drive, and was looking for things that were supposed to be there…but weren’t. Apparently, I had deleted the folder by mistake at some point in time. The folder was full of potential Anomalous Darlings’ posts -both finished and unfinished- and to say I was devastated is an absolute understatement.

After I came to grips with what had happened, I decided three things…

  1. I will chalk this up as a hard lesson learned and be much more cautious in the future.
  2. I will not let an unfortunate accident rain on all the good that God has done for me.
  3. God will bring all things back to my remembrance…or bring something better.

At some point in life, we will all make disastrous mistakes by accident. Some mistakes may be small, while others are large. However, the size of the mistake doesn’t matter to God. As He restores all things that are lost, Deuteronomy 30:3. We just have to trust Him, continue to praise Him and not let the accidental disasters distort our view of Him.

I pray and believe that everything we have ever lost (especially folders on flash drives) will be returned us…better than it was before!

Are you ready for all those lost things to return back to you?

P.S. After 2 hours, 4 different recovery softwares and a whole lot of prayers…I was able to recover most of the deleted files. I was reminded of things I wrote back in August, and how precious each and every thought is to me!

Until Sunday,


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  1. I know how you mustve felt. Happy to hear most was recovered!

    Congrats on the math!!!! A+

    1. Sutana,
      Thanks so much for that! I am learning that there is truly a silver lining in every situation. Be blessed!

  2. Sorry to hear you lost some of your posts 🙁 Hate when that happens.
    It’s very true that God does indeed restore all and sometimes He will give us something bigger and better than we lost. 🙂

    1. Adrianna,
      That is so true…God always has better and greater things in store us! Have a blessed day!

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