Happy February 1st!

At this point, you’ve probably tripped up on a few of your goals. Skipped that gym session…ate that cupcake…said that negative word…[insert anything applicable].

And yes, I’ve done all of the above, if you’re wondering! One thing I love about Jesus is that He loves me, graces me and chases me. He cherishes me even when life tells me I’m unlovable. He favors me even when the world says I’m last pick. He runs me down even when I try to run away.

Just as a baby slowly, through the years, mature into an adult, do we. Even Jesus, in the flesh went through the phases of life. If we could become perfect overnight, then we wouldn’t have new mercy every morning. If we could fix all our problems, then we wouldn’t have a need for God.

Wherever you are right now, is right where you need to be! Progressing piece by piece to perfection.

Until Sunday,


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