Party of One

Party of One

From being alone at a table in a five-star restaurant to misreading my schedule and leaving my dorm at the class start time, you could say it’s been an interesting week!

I can honestly say that I have lived more in these past two weeks, than I have in the last two years, especially as it relates to lessons learned and risks taken. Do you know why  moments in life are called milestones? Well, because life is trying to test how many miles you can run, while stones are being thrown at you :)! And although the milestone marathon will end, the lessons learned from it, will last you a lifetime.

My biggest lesson learned so far? The difference between being sought after and  tolerated. I’m worth more than inviting myself to events, only to be asked my name and major. I’m too precious to force myself upon people who are only acknowledging me out of social obligation. And just as I am invaluable, so are you!

You’re never too young or old to find joy and contentment within yourself. God created us wholly, fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139. And Jesus died so that we may have life and have it abundantly, John 10:10. We don’t need the approval or affection of others to have a fulfilling life. If people can’t see the jewel you are in Christ, then they definitely won’t be able to understand the heavenly sparkle that cascades on your existence.

Yet, God delights in relationships, hence why He created humanity and emotions! He’s already woven special people into the fabric of our very lives…we just have to be patient and sensitive to His plans. Don’t settle for convenient relationships when you can have copious ones!

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