Page Turners

There’s nothing quite like finding a book (or T.V. show) that is so enticing that you’re willing to sacrifice sleep and overdue to-do lists for!

I’ve read some pretty interesting books in my lifetime, but none have kept my attention like the live production of my own life. The way that things have fallen into and out of place, for my benefit. The details that I would have missed, that made all the difference. I couldn’t write a story more interesting than my life.

And the same goes for you, too. No heavily accoladed movie that has been produced or bestseller novel that has been published could top the plot of your life. God’s custom plans for you and all people and experiences that you will have throughout this journey of life are simply, second to none and without a doubt, the most gripping page turners of them all!

There isn’t one type of page turner. Some are happy, some are sad. Some are good things, some are bad. Yet, they all motivate us to keep reading (or watching) to see what happens next. Tomorrow is another page in the saga (or series) of your life. Embrace it for what it is, not the finale of your story, but added depth and meaning!

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