This past Friday, I was in a “baking mood” and gave making cupcakes another go. My previous attempt was lackluster at best, so I was out for redemption. The final result was much better this time and I almost nailed the buttercream frosting. When butter and powdered sugar is overmixed, the butter begins to congeal and take on the consistency of cottage cheese. It was still delicious but just not as physically appealing. Yet, now I know my mistake and next time, I will go easy on the mixing!

As I pondered my chunky buttercream frosting, I thought about all the other ways that I overmix other things in my life, like thinking about the future, replaying the events of today and regretting the past. Thoughtful contemplation of something minor quickly escalates into something major, with mental overchurning.

When I look around, I have no qualms that God is pretty magnificent. If He can speak to me through a cupcake, then nothing is too hard for him! 😋🧁

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  1. […] am fairly competitive, especially with myself, so I could not accept the buttercream frosting failure of last week. I would say they were a success! Although I still have some progress to make, I think it was a […]

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