One Man (and Woman)

Pink dominoes in honor of February and not being able to find regular ones! When one domino falls they all fall…

We all know the story of Adam and Eve. Their decision (to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) forever changed our lives for the worse, and gave us a sin conscience. Sometimes, I wonder what life would have been like if Eve would have followed simple directions and not let the devil bamboozle her.

Centuries later, the infamous couple still reside in our lives in both the spiritual and natural sense. We all have Adams and Eves in our lives. Whether they be a spouse, family member, best friend, professor, bank etc. The decisions made by them affect us in ways we don’t always find fair or enjoyable. An employers’ negligence quickly becomes the employees’ emergency…much like Adam and Eve’s unintentional negligence put us in dire need of a Savior!

It would have been easy for Jesus to say, “Adam and Eve made that mess, not me. So why should I go and fix it?”, but he didn’t. He came to earth, performed miracles, touched lives, and was crucified for our sake. In a way, we have to look at life and the dominoes we are dealt, like Jesus looked at us and the decision Adam and Eve made. We have to make the best out of every situation and move forward. That may require fixing something that we didn’t necessarily break. Or doing something that doesn’t benefit us in the long run. God gives grace to us all, just like Jesus…especially when we live not for ourselves…but for others! His grace is truly enough, 1 Corinthians 12:9, for anything and everything we EVER encounter.

As Christians, we have to be the ones not to point our fingers at others in accusation, but to lend our hands in helping them.

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