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Last week, my sister was reading a Christmas story that she had written for an homework assignment when she exclaimed “oh boy!”. Up until that point, I was listening enough to understand the general plot, but was definitely focused on other things. The enthusiasm of that little 8 year-old girl really resonated with me!

Oxford Dictionaries define “oh boy” as a phrase “used to express surprise or excitement.”

Hours later I was giving myself a prep talk about loving the life I lead and the precious price that Jesus paid, when God started up a very peculiar conversation with me.

“Oh boy!” God shouted.
“What?” I asked confused.
“Oh boy!”, that’s what King Herod said when my Son, Jesus was born.” God replied.

Flipping to Matthew 2, I immediately could hear a chorus of “oh boys!” from God and my sister!

“When word of their inquiry got to Herod, he was terrified—and not Herod alone, but most of Jerusalem as well. Herod lost no time. He gathered all the high priests and religion scholars in the city together and asked, “[Oh boy!] Where is the Messiah supposed to be born?””
Matthew 2:3-4 MSG

Now the scripture doesn’t explicitly say that Herod said “oh boy!”, but since God said He did, and I wasn’t there to witness it myself, I’m sticking with His recollection. This baby who prophets have been talking about for years. This baby who in His infancy was already being called the “Prince of Peace” and “Wonderful Counselor”. This baby who had finally made his glorious appearance! King Herod was far from excited, but definitely surprised as well as terrified along with Satan himself. We all know how the story goes…King Herod attempts in vain to kill Jesus before He would save all of humanity, by ordering the murder of every boy born in Bethlehem under the age of two. But of course Jesus was saved by Joseph and the Three Wise Men’s obedience to God’s quick thinking angels.

Now I’m about to wrap this post in a nice bow…AD’s gift to you!

When Satan gets wind of the amazing and unprecedented plans God that is drawing up for your life, he desperately tries to halt them by any means necessary. Even if that involves assassinating your character, confidence, faith, self-esteem, emotions etc., just as Herod attempted (but failed) to kill Jesus in His infancy.

You’ve got such an unthinkably unique and outrageously extraordinary agenda assigned to you, that every time you breathe, Satan and his equally reprehensible schemers all are screeching “oh boy” or “oh girl” 🙂

The power that made the Word flesh in the form of Jesus, is the same power that also rose Him from grave. That same power flows throughout us, thanks to Jesus! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to our Great and Selfless Savior…Jesus!

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