No Means No

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“No means no.” I would dare say that is one of the most popular phrases that parents and older siblings say to younger kids! A simple “no”, doesn’t always communicate the need to stop whatever they are doing. So, saying “no means no” serves as a reinforcement statement.

Last week was a big week. I took my last final for school AND AD turned 7 months on the 13th! You would think that I would be over the moon with excitement and joy, which I am…to a degree. I seemed to have switched from present stress to future stress! I have realized that life will always give me something to stress or worry about…if I permit it.

There are a lot of “nos” in the bible. We have The Ten Commandments and various other guidelines that God has set before us. When God says, “Take no worry thoughts” in Matthew 6:34, He absolutely means it! No means no, in all contexts. Whether it is telling an employee to not be late or a child not to eat too much sugar.

There are consequences for children and employees that do not heed the warnings that they have been given. The threat of what might happen is often enough to make people follow the rules. But, unlike earthly superiors, God does not disown us as children or fire us from our God-given callings, He gives us grace and sees the best in us. People will often abide by man-made rules, but completely disregard God’s, because there isn’t immediate punishment.

As we, God’s children, become closer to God, I pray that we will hearken to His voice and truly obey His “no means no”.

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