My Praise & My Plans

Everything that I am
Everything that I own
Everything that I was
Everything that I will ever be
Is Yours and I owe it to You

My plans
My desires
My longings
My past
Are Yours and submitted to You

You have an oversight that surpasses mine
You see and know things that are unperceivable to my mind
Expected plans fall apart
While unexpected blessings fall together

All my praise is deserved by You
Because You are merciful and wonderful
When my way of doing things
Crumbles, crashes and burns
Before I can even get to You
Another way crosses my path
Hardly, for You my faithful friend
Always come through

It doesn’t matter what stage of life or situation that you are in, you can be confident that there is a rainbow at the end of the storm! Things probably won’t happen as you planned, but God always shows up with a better and greater way than you could have ever fathomed!

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