Might as Well

Might as Well

Sometimes, life can bring us down to situations where we feel like there is no use in “trying again” or “getting up”. I call this the might as well mentality. It is a feeling of hopelessness that comes from an infamous ungodly philosopher that we know all too well, Lucifer.

The might as well mentality looks like the following:

Might as well…

  • …succumb to despondency because life has dealt you lots of lemons.
  • …give up because nothing has worked so far.
  • …blame everyone and everything else for your troubles.
  • …doubt God because he hasn’t fulfilled His promises like He promised.
  • …become a grouch because there is nothing to be happy about.

And the one that gets me every time:

…eat two cupcakes, because your calorie bank is overdrawn already.

God desires us to be nevertheless Christians, not might as well Christians. He wants us to push through uncomfortable situations and live life as if all of His promises have already fulfilled. We owe it to ourselves and God to praise Him and be overflowing with joy…no matter what our current and forever changing circumstances look like!

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