LOVE Week 6: Keeps Promises

To ask who is God, we must first answer what is love.

It it in God ―through His Love― that all of our needs are satisfied!

psalm 37:4 voice

“Take great joy in the Eternal! His gifts are coming, and they are all your heart desires!.”

What are your desires (other than for coronavirus to go away…that is a legitimate one too!)? I ask because God is a promise keeper who grants the desires of our hearts…

As I look back over my life, I can see how God has been faithful to me, from big things like, getting scholarship to my preferred college and my parents buying me my first car (her name is Zeteo, that is another story for a future time!) to small things like, connecting content from my classes and allowing the concepts to be comprehensible for me.

Just because unfortunate things happen in our lives and in the world does not equate to God letting us down or violating His Word. The creator of coronavirus is Satan, the theif who comes to kill, steal and destroy not God, the Creator of life, who comes to heal, empower and restore.

Your desires are well on their way to your address! God is not limited to man made time or disasters so His Plans are uninfluenced by coronavirus. For what God is doing in our lives, there have been no cancellations or postponements…things are moving according to plan!

I pray that you are staying healthy and continuing to pray for the immediate cessation of coronavirus! Hang in there…Stay strong…Trust God…Don’t Give Up!

Until Weekend Wellness,

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