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Utmost apologies for the recent erratic post updates! Thunderstorms and lightning have been prevalent for the last few days, hindering my computer time and I don’t believe in just ‘posting to post’ :).

Love at its simplest and purest form is true and honest. And people place priorities on what they want; maturity involves respecting that decision even if their priorities don’t include you.

Probity & priority…the action words of love.

  • Will you be honest with your loved ones even when it comes to hard truth? Or if you are on the receiving end, will you be open to their sincere criticism?


  • What about placing importance on the things that your loved ones hold dear? Will you allow others to cherish and appreciate you?

Jesus is such a great model of love, real love. Although he builds us up and speaks positively towards us, he doesn’t neglect to correct our behavior and be honest with us. Knowing that his actions on earth could negate our salvation, he lived every day with us on his mind. He gives continuously to us, without any limits and all he asks of us is to be receptive of his pursuance.

We can never expect our family and friends to perfectly emulate Jesus, but if they claim to love us, their actions should still align closely with Jesus’.

Until Sunday,


P.S. I have to thank my mother for both being a living silhouette of love and lending her post-surgical scars as a visualization for Anomalous Darlings <3


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