Loneliness Week 3: Love God & Ignite Others

Loneliness: An Opportunity to Stealing Away With God

Feeling overwhelmed? You and Jesus have something in common.

mark 6:46-50 tp

So he dispersed the crowd, said good-bye to his disciples, then slipped away to pray on the mountain. As night fell, the boat was in the middle of the lake and Jesus was alone on land. The wind was against the disciples and he could see that they were straining at the oars, trying to make headway. When it was almost morning Jesus came to them, walking on the surface of the water, and he started to pass by them. When they all saw him walking on the waves, they thought he was a ghost and screamed out in terror. But he said to them at once, “Don’t yield to fear. Have courage. It’s really me—I Am!”

Week 3: Love God and Ignite Others

Once again, we catch Jesus slipping away. This time, after dinner with his disciples, He hiked a mountain to pray. We have no way of knowing but with the Pharisees hot on his tracks, some thick-skulled and an impending crucifixion, I am sure that Jesus was feeling the pressure of what God put him on earth to do. What better person to confide in and vent to, than God Himself, the person who created you for such a wonderful purpose (in spite of the challenges that accompany it)?

Making a long story short, Jesus sees the disciples in their boat struggling to row in a wind storm. Jesus gathers himself and walks onto the water, terrifying his disciples who are convinced that they have seen a ghost. He reassures them that it is him and the rapids winds cease.

There are three things to cleave from this story:

1) Through loving God and placing Him at the center of our lives, we are able to step out of ourselves and meet the needs of others.

2) One person can calm or incite a storm! Choose your associations wisely.

3)* Jesus successfully occupied a human body because he did what many humans don’t do, consider God as intimate friend.

* I would argue that this is one of the important components to appreciating Jesus as our high priest who understands the human experience.

I always think to myself, “God, if I knew when xyz would come and what my future holds, it would make things easier!” Would it really make it easier? Jesus knew the exact number of his days and the person who would start the countdown timer on his life, yet his journey from cradle to cross was still a challenge.

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