Loneliness Week 1: Learn God & Open Up to Him

Happy first Thursday of the this new year, 2020!

Loneliness: An Opportunity to Stealing Away With God

Last month, I read How You Can Conquer Loneliness: A Modern Guide to Affirmative Living by Andrew Kosten. Although the book was published in 1961 (and probably wouldn’t be considered modern anymore), it left me inspired to explore this feeling of loneliness that we all experience at some point in our lives.

Jesus repeatedly left the crowds, though, stealing away into the wilderness to pray.” Luke 5:16 VOICE

I also read a chapter of Luke every day for the month of December and stumbled upon this verse (among others), birthing this idea of using loneliness as an opportunity to disconnect from this world and connect with God. Jesus was quite the wanderer and loner, often retreating to quiet places to commune with God.

God cares about your hurt and desires to wipe away your tears. Let Him do that and more!

‭‭matthew 14:12-14 tpt

“John’s disciples went into the prison and carried his body away and buried it. Then they left to find Jesus and tell him what had happened. On hearing this, Jesus slipped away privately by boat to be alone. But when the crowds discovered he had sailed away, they emerged from all the nearby towns and followed him on foot. So when Jesus landed he had a huge crowd waiting for him. Seeing so many people, his heart was deeply moved with compassion toward them, so he healed all the sick who were in the crowd.”

Week 1: Learn God and Open up to Him

In Matthew 14:12-14, Jesus receives unthinkable news, his cousin, John the Baptist has been beheaded. Jesus and John the Baptist shared a close relationship and passion for sharing the gospel, since they were in their mothers’ wombs (Mary and Elizabeth).

Death is difficult and in this verse we see Jesus withdraw from people and into a private space with God, so that he can process this tragedy. He knew that he could be vulnerable with God and speak freely, without fear of his personal thoughts becoming stones against him later. Yet, Jesus only knew that God was a listening and comforting ear through previous encounters with God, getting to know God and building that trust that any healthy relationship requires.

Whether it the death of a person, situation, job or relationship, God is waiting for us to hang up the phone, close social media and just talk with Him.

Family and friends are good companions for working through challenging circumstances. However, the One who set the rhythm of our heartbeats and carved the ridges of our fingerprints is the best one!

If we take the time to learn God now, we will have full confidence in His Love when we need Him later.

Until Weekend Wellness,

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