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Entertaining comparisons is typically a detrimental activity to partake in. It is the one of the most cunning thieves that we face, snatching our joy and replacing it with despondency. However, with everything in life there is always an exception…

Compare and contrast how you treat others and yourself? Are there any differences and why?

Although I am a well of encouragement and constantly giving others the ‘benefit of the doubt’, that well quickly dries up when I go for a drink! Lately, I have been reevaluating my life and where my energy is being channeled.

Who is going to look after you and see that your needs are met, if you don’t?

I pray that Jesus will show us how to love others and ourselves in a way that promotes inner peace and self-care. The beautiful thing about life is that everyday is another chance to reflect and try something new. Let tomorrow be a day, where your first priority is you.

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