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Good afternoon! I hope you had a great first week of the many weeks to come in 2017. If you live in the South, like I do, you are probably pretty excited about the gift we got this weekend…SNOW!

Personally, I love how snow looks and the atmosphere it brings. It feels like a fresh start and a clean slate on life. While snowed in, I have been watching movies and finally completing things that seem to  carry over from one to-do list to another. A few days ago, God gave me a powerful analogy about how our lives are like movies.

Movies typically have a plot, characters and multiple scenes. Hollywood normally goes through an extensive process of drafting, creating, filming and promoting a movie. But, God’s process is much simpler. As His children, we were born into our roles and therefore, we do not have to audition for them. He gave us an opportunity that we did not (and will never) qualify for. As the director of our life’s movie, He calls the shots and remains in control. When we are in the mist of scenes that we don’t understand, God sees the end and encourages us to press on. He wrote the script for our lives detailing everything from our careers and callings to our birthdays and eye colors. And all He requires of us is: trust and total commitment to Him. God desires for us to not play the role of a Christian, but to live the role of a Christian. He wants to order our steps and make our lives amazing.

Hollywood movies also have budgets. Some modest, others enormous. We may not be able to choose who our parents are, the circumstances we come from, or the budget of our life’s movie, but we can make something spectacular out of it. God has prosperous and unique scripts for our lives, if we trust Him! And it does not matter whether the spoons in our mouths was silver or plastic when we were born.

How many Grammy Award winning movies were made from modest budgets, while their other more expensive counterparts failed to break even? Life is like a movie. It is short, complex and exactly what we make it to be.

Live your life and be the best you, you can be, according to God’s plans. And make your life one of God’s greatest living works of film art!

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