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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin

I used to think the above quote was true and that reading was the only way to truly see life from perspectives different than my own. Then 2020 happened. There have been so many stories this year that have really pulled on my heartstrings. Whether it be people who have lost their business, families separated for months or other disheartening circumstances. I’ve lived many lives this year, not by reading but by merely living.

I’ve experienced life & laughs and life & tears, and of the two, the former is much better. Choosing the good and the happy in life does not guarantee that the challenging and the difficult will not come but it does ensure that we will not be shaken.

The earth is in turmoil but Heaven is at peace. As Believers, we have hope and a promise. We can live and know that the best days are our tomorrows, awaiting us. We laugh and feel the presence of God surrounding us. No one is denying that the current circumstances are concerning and at times, discouraging. But for us, there is always a plot twist of some sort, engineered by God to see us through!

I cannot promise that you’ll never experience anything that’ll make you cry but I can promise that through the tears, you’ll have infinitely and eternally more reasons to cherish life & laughter. 🙂

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