Last Goodbye, First Hello

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In the last few years (2 in October, thanks to you & God!), we’ve discussed many topics on AD from long held religious beliefs to dealing with insecurities, yet there is one conversation that has conveniently been skipped over…death. Below is what the Holy Spirit gifted Monday as I grappled with the loss of someone special and the memories of others that I have lost too.

Death is such a painfully complex and beautiful experience. It hurts to no longer have them in the flesh, but that is assuaged by knowing they are at peace in the spirit. Even more complicated are the people who love us that aren’t even family! Strangers that care and become closer than family, not out of familial obligation but out of pure genuity. And losing those people is hard, yet there is a silver lining to be unveiled. Just as they walked into our lives, so too, can others. We are not assigned to a designated number of sincere people in life. Our quotas are limitless and open. Although cherished ones can never be replaced, new relationships can become added dimensions in our lives and that is what makes death painfully complex and beautiful. Though one says their last goodbye, another says their first hello.

“… A time to cry, a time to laugh; a time to mourn, a time to dance…”                     -Ecclesiastes 3:4 VOICE

There’s a time for everything; the key is staying on and within time! 🙂

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